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Strong business foundation

Back in New York I worked as an accountant in a couple of cpa firms. When I met my girl, I came to Europe and started a computer hardware importing company in Madrid Spain. We imported container loads from China and other material, mainly semiconductors to make memory from the US.

The exposure to this type of activity made me interested in the Internet and more particularly in Web programming. All the thousands of references which were sold then, were sold through my web site.

"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency".

Bill Gates

Programming skills

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My workstation

As a programmer I can do all kinds of applications big and small. I can make a simple website, or I can make a backend written in C# or Java and connect it with your web so that you can track your sales, bookings, customers and so on...

Because of my background, I have many years of experience in the business world, in particular in e-commerce, I can come up with good ideas and materialize them in solutions.

I specialize in the design and development of E-Commerce applications, applications that deal with logistics management, financial applications, CRM systems, booking systems, any interface that has to interact with humans out there in the world. This activity has become to me second in nature, because I have the business knowledge.

How is this business foundation relevant to software development?

My technical skills are effectively complemented with knowledge of the business, and allow me to identify requirements and get into the business users / customer's point of view, and not just from a technical perspective. It is helpful in the requirements gathering process and in many other areas of programming in which there are resource constraints and where important resources, amongst which time and money, must be allocated.

According to DataMonitor the size of the worldwide software industry in 2008 was US$303.8 billion. So it is in itself a business that comprises a multibillion dollar industry, in which I, naturally, want to take part of.

How are my communication skills relevant to software development?

Effective communication gives me the ability of working in a consulting capacity where it is necessary to interact with persons not just software. My excellent communication skills give me the ability to persuade, convince and understand in different languages. That includes and is not limited to, communicating effectively with fellow developers, immediate and senior management, ability to work in a team as well as independently.

There are other areas such as software documentation, system descriptions, analytical reports etc... in which having these skills is imperative. Last but not least, I can operate in any corner of the globe, it does not matter where.

Extensive experience in E-Commerce

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Detail small shelf picking and packing at my warehouse

Working in an e-commerce business, and in particular in dealing with products with a short life cycle, as it is the case of semiconductors, it is essential to have a high turnover ratio.

Achieving a high turnover ratio means essentially, managing, marketing, selling and replenishing the inventory as fast as possible. That is, as effectively and efficiently as possible. This undertaking is cumbersome and it requires a certain degree of automation, a system that does the job, which is what brought about my interest in the field of computer science.

In addition, working with different departments, logistics, accounting, legal, marketing, amongst other, and being involved in large logistic and financial operations, brought about the need to structure an intra-net and a public web, automating marketing campaigns with mailing systems, databases, invoicing and in short dealing with all these matters in a more or less automatic way. This is where my experience comes into play. I know first hand what is it that is necessary for an enterprise to succeed.

Challenge and responsibility

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Detail large shelf storage at my warehouse

Maintaining large quantities of inventory is a big challenge, and it is something which fascinated me and has impacted my perception of the business world out there.

Placing an order directly from a manufacturer in China means to get into large monetary transactions. These large purchasing transactions can saturate a company's liquidity, and oftentimes there will be large insurance brokerage firms and banks extending credit and awaiting payment without delay.

Because of this, the selling process should not start while the product is still at sea, it should start earlier. Well before the containers dock at port, it is in fact my experience, that the selling process has to start before the goods are produced. How to achieve this?

Good forecasting, communication and being in close touch with clients is essentially the key to success. I learned back then that having an effective system can help increase performance, and to avoid loses due to client dissatisfaction. Which is, in short, what a half decent system helps you with.

Applied experience to programming

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Me welcoming one of our 5 40ft high cube containers that day

I am aware that the same needs as those I have experienced throughout my business life are applicable to many other companies in the market regardless of their activity.

I hope that in the foreseeable future I can streamline the things I already know and the experience which I have gained into a successful enterprise.

Some pictures illustrating my previous experience with the logistic factor of e-commerce.

It actually takes a deeper insight into e-commerce to be able to understand it fully. In my opinion, knowing the details of the each of the parts result in a higher competitive advantage. E-Commerce is not just a platform or a program which you code and install.

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40 feet high cube container

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Me supervising unloading container

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Cross dock section and small shelve area warehouse

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With colleagues in the small shelve section

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Small picking items

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Large shelve pallet storage

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Large shelve pallet storage

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Pciking and packing detail

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Me supervising container arrival

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